Friday, March 03, 2006

Prophets:The "mouthpiece" of the Lord

If you read ancient scriptures you find a common theme. A righteous man is called by God to share a message with the people. He is either given the message by an angel or by God himself. Moses is a great example of a prophet. He climbed Mt. Sinai he spoke with God face to face and he was given a message for the people: The Ten Commandments.

Imagine how great the world would be if we all lived the ten commandments. See Exodus chapter 20 in the Holy Bible.

And how do we know if they are a true messenger of God? By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know them.

If they are breaking the commandments, like the ten commandments, then they are a false prophet. If they Lie, Steal, and covet (which mean to want or seek after things, especially monetary items or riches of this world.) Then they are a false prophet.

When they speak or when you read their words you feel that it is true, if they are a true prophet sent by God. You will feel the Spirit of God confirming or testifying of the truth of their message. In the Holy Bible, Galatians chapter 5 verse 22-23 the apostle Paul describes what the spirit feels like:

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, Meekness, temperance:against such there is no law."

The prophets words are written for the benefit of all mankind and the Bible is a collection of books with words of the prophets in it. Bible is actually a root word from Latin which means library.

A prophet will not lead us astray or onto the wrong path. They will teach us to do good, to love our neighbor as ourself and they will testify of Jesus Christ.

And as I mentioned before YOU CAN KNEEL AND ASK GOD IF THEIR MESSAGE IS TRUE and YOU CAN RECIEVE ANSWERS FROM HIM. See James Chapter 1 verses 5-6.

Why Jesus Christ?

I will answer that in my next blog

Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Search Begins

I have decided to write this blog because of the importance of the search for truth. I do not want a spirit of contention on this blog but a genuine discussion of how to find the true church.

Too many people view their religion like the local football team they support. They are incapable of even considering alternative view points. We need to get beyond all of that political junk and get to the point: What is God's view and how can I more fully align my life with Him?

Question #1:

Is there a God?
I believe in God. I recognize that the evidence is overwhelming that something cannot come from nothing.

This earth is incredibly complex with all of it's millions of life forms and the perfect seasons, rotation and movement through space, not to mention the distance from the sun, conveniently maintained to support life. If you simply look at the human body and the thousands of processes that take place within hundred of organs and body systems you have to at least sit back and marvel at it's complexity and beauty. One little thing goes wrong with our bodies and we die. Just look at the complexity of DNA and explain to me how that all "just came together." Engineers have never been able to design anything as versatile and complex as the human hand. Have you ever studies how vision works? The design of the eye and the nerves that innervate it scream of an enlightened and gifted composer.

I believe it takes more faith to believe that all of this happened by chance then to recognize that someone, a higher power if you will, had to have organized all of this for a reason. But most importantly, I have personally knelt in humble prayer and God has answered me. I have witnessed miracles. I have felt of his Spirit (more on that later) and I know that He has answered me. I could never deny that fact.

I would invite all of you who are on this journey towards spiritual fulfillment to not underestimate the power of prayer. If anyone in religion asks you to take their teachings or opinions without asking God about it I would advise you to be extremely skeptical. If God lives, and I contend He does, and if He is a god of love then He will want to answer your personal prayers and guide you to truth and away from confusion.
Do you agree?

Question #2: If there is a God then which of the worlds religions is His church? Can there be more than one true church?

Many people I have spoken with state that all religions are true. How can that possibly be? All churches teach different doctrines. If they believe the same thing they wouldn't be different. It is a total cop out to believe that all religions are true. Do all religions have something good to offer? Absolutely, the vast majority of them do. However, if you believe in an all powerful God who loves us and wants us to find our way back to heaven then you must recognize that he would not be a God of confusion. A God who has all knowledge and all truth would not support completely different view points on the same doctrine. If He is the authority and our creator then wouldn't it make sense that He would guide us and that He would have one true church?
What do you think?

Question #3 What role do prophets and ancient scriptures, including the bible play in all of this?

I will answer this on the next blog.

Please let me know what you think. I value all opinions as long as they are sincere and not in a spirit of contention but a spirit of communication.